Donghae “God’s Quiz”

what sungmin was doing out of camera range



  • 140415 V-Chart Yin Yue Tai Awards
  • Super Junior accepting 3 awards:
  1. SJ- Top Group
  2. SJ- Most Favorite Artist
  3. SJM- Album of the year (Break Down)
gun hyung appa being the best, always (๑˘ ³˘๑) (pt.1)


[TRANS] 周觅_SJMWe got an award, thank you Yinyuetai ♥ Thank you fans ♥ ©

a 29 years old man throwing a tantrums

"Super Junior is our home. A home that will not leave behind or forget any members. Although this home is not big, everyone of us needs you.”
- Leeteuk

"We shall not forget that we are Super Junior’s Members. We are a family."
- Yesung

I see your back and mysterious tattoo this time (๑>ᴗ<๑)